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The Link Between Strokes and Brain Injuries

The Link Between Strokes and Brain Injuries

Our elderly are very prone to slips and falls. This means that they are at high risk for traumatic brain injuries and stroke, among others. This danger is why non-medical care services always make it a point to help their clients make the home safer for seniors through light housekeeping tasks.

How do slips and falls contribute to seniors’ risk for stroke? When the head receives an impact from blunt trauma, one of the possible effects is the rupture of a blood vessel or a number of those. Ruptured blood vessels will cause blood to flow outside of the bloodstream and into the brain tissue.

The body’s natural response is to clot the blood to stop the bleeding. However, if the clot is too big, it can end up blocking the flow of oxygen to the brain. If the blockage is significant, it can result in a stroke. Stroke, in turn, can cause brain damage and the loss of specific abilities. At that point, they may need more services from a home care agency in Washington.

Of course, prevention is better than cure. Light housekeeping can help ensure that debris and water puddles that can cause slips and falls are removed from the house’s areas.

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