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Home Safety Tips to Prevent Falls in Older Adults

Home Safety Tips to Prevent Falls in Older Adults

Falls reduce the ability of seniors to remain independent. Still, the fear of falling should not rule your senior’s life. There are many home care agency in Washington that provides fall prevention services to keep your loved one safe at home.

At DAY-TO-DAY HOME CARE, here are our recommendations on how you can make your home safe from falls.

  • Check your home for tripping hazards like loose wooden floorboards, slippery rugs, and electrical cords on walkways.
  • Light up your bathroom, hallways, and your senior’s bedroom to avoid slipping on objects that are hard to see at night.
  • Install handrails and grab bars. These assistive devices help seniors when going up and down the stairs and when using the toilet.
  • Place nonslip mats in bathtubs, showers, and kitchen floors. During the winter season, you can also set up nonslip mats on your porches.

Are you looking for a provider of reliable home care services in Kennewick, Washington? If so, then you’re in the right place.

Our care team is well-trained in providing non-medical care services for seniors. The services we offer include personal care, fall prevention, mobility assistance, and so much more. Call us now so we can discuss your senior’s care plan.

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