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Things You Can Benefit from Non-Medical Home Care

Things You Can Benefit from Non-Medical Home Care

Getting older means getting to the point where you can encounter difficulties in mobility and other daily living activities. Being in perfect shape and healthy doesn’t mean an elderly loved one does not need assistance. He or she still does.

Non-medical care services are offered by home care agencies. Such a category offers a different coverage of assistance for your senior loved ones. The services involved in this type of care usually include more on fast, physical, and active work. Home care agencies offer this kind of aid to help promote the independence of the elderly at home.

As a provider of home care services in Kennewick, Washington, we offer non-medical care services. If your loved ones avail this type of home care assistance, they can enjoy the following services:

  • light housekeeping, depends on what chore they are having a hard time doing
  • meal preparation
  • pet care if they have pets
  • transportation and mobility assistance

DAY-TO-DAY HOME CARE is a home care agency in Washington that provides non-medical care services and other long-term home care services. Our main services are all affordable, and the type of service varies from personal care, respite care, and companionship services. We also have other services offered which can be essential to the daily living of your senior loved ones.

Get to know more about the practical and affordable services that we offer. With our care, we aim to provide quality services and deliver optimum results. Contact us for more details.

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