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The Care that Companions Bring

The Care that Companions Bring

It has been studied time and time again that socially isolated older adults are likely to be sicklier and most likely to develop depression and anxiety. Among older adults, there is somehow a natural tendency towards self-isolation: either choosing to be alone than forge new friendships with adults their age or not extend efforts in befriending younger people.

The studies do not point to social isolation as the cause of these mental health problems but it does suggest that doing a better job at identifying isolation and take steps to provide supports to these older adults could vastly improve their well-being. That’s why non-medical services such as companionship services should be given equal importance as other medical services for older adults.

That’s why, Day-to-Day Home Care as an organization, offers home care services in Kennewick, Washington and emphasizes the significance of companions for older adults. With trusted companions, seniors can now enjoy the company of another person— share stories, take walks, shopping, meal preparation, light housekeeping, among others.

Not only does our home Care Agency in Washington provide companionship service, we also provide various other senior home care services under Personal Care and Respite Care programs. For further information, call us at 509-292-3535 or send us an email at

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