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Fall Prevention Tips to Know


Falls are a type of accident that you can prevent. If you do not want to have an injured family member, you must try prevention measures. Home care services in Kennewick, Washington has experts who can help in this. You must work with the caregivers to improve the care program of your loved ones.

As a family of elderly patients, you should take note of the changes in health conditions and physical changes. According to Mayo Clinic, falls are common in older adults. will give help to these patients through evaluation of the needed services. Home care agency in Washington will provide the following tips to follow:

  • Keep an active lifestyle
    You ensure that the routine of your loved ones includes time for exercise. It helps in strengthening muscles and bones.
  • Get falls risk assessment to your doctor
    If you want to have an expert opinion if your loved ones are at risk of falls, you let them undergo the falls risk assessment.
  • Wear appropriate footwear
    Ask a shoe specialist for the right fit of shoes for your loved ones. This can also be a precaution for falls.

Day-To-Day Home Care can help in employing the care specialist that will help in these measures. The agency also offers non-medical care services that will also suit your needs. Contact us today.

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